We believe in transparency. We believe in collaboration.

Who We Are

Chartered Finance is a boutique brokerage focused on commercial financing transactions. Its principals have progressed through both the financial and the brokerage communities.  The launch of Chartered Finance answered a call for its founders; namely, the commitment to bridge what often appears to be the impenetrable gap between commercial lenders and commercial borrowers ─ more particularly the SME (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) borrower.


The principals of Chartered Finance have been both lenders and SME borrowers.  We know what it is like, as a borrower, to try and navigate what may at times appear to be an arcane, arbitrary and capricious loan application process.   On the other hand we also enjoy years of commercial lending experience.  So we understand where commercial lenders are coming from.  We empathize with SME borrowers who at times may be confronted with what seems to them Voodoo banking jargon that doesn’t really illuminate the whys and wherefores of a credit decision.  Yet, as having firsthand experience in large lending shops we also recognize when a loan request won’t fit and when it’s time to stop pushing rocks uphill.

Commercial Financing

Commercial financing involves all transactions that are not personal in nature, but are business related.   At times this can be ambiguous.  For example, most lenders will treat a residential mortgage if the residence contains less than four units.  Similarly a personal loan or mortgage is likely to be processed by a commercial lender if that individual owns a business and the source of repayment for the loans are derived from that business.  Commercial financing typically includes the following loan classes:

A commercial mortgage securing a commercial, industrial or retail property and/or a multi-unit residential property.

Working capital loans for a business.

Interim construction loans.

Equipment terms loans.


Bridge loans.

Trade financing.

Direct and indirect commercial liabilities.

Commercial Mortgage Broker

A commercial mortgage broker focuses on sourcing financing for borrowers & businesses.  The types of financing may include commercial mortgages, operating loans, interim construction loans, term loans, bridge loans and others. A good commercial mortgage broker will enjoy a thorough understanding of the lending criteria of financial institutions, as well as private lenders.  Business borrowers will rely on commercial mortgage brokers to not only source financing; but more importantly, to be a financial solutions provider by providing knowledgeable advice and insight into a range of financing options.  A competent and proactive mortgage broker will assist in organizing a workable financing structure and packaging the request to an appropriate lender.  As such the broker acts as a “marriage counselor”; as well as a bridge between lenders and borrowers, by establishing workable financial relationships for both parties.

Commercial Lending

A bank is no different than any other business, in the sense that it strives to achieve the best return for its shareholders. As a business, it will apply standard financial earnings and balance sheet performance criteria and will utilize various benchmarking techniques to measure its results against those of its peer group. The SME borrower’s perception of the typical commercial lender becomes clouded by the addition of one key component to this phenomenon; that is, the element of risk. The dilemma that this risk issue introduces is the fact that (a) commercial lenders’ risk comfort level ultimately guides all their decisions and (b) lenders’ risk tolerances are frequently not understood or are often misconstrued by SME borrowers. In the area of commercial lending there are still too many variables to allow for a complete automation of the risk examination. Accordingly, some aspect of a personal decision component will inevitably form part of a commercial lender’s evaluation process.


The manner in which borrowing-lending relationships are influenced by the inherent control culture that must pervade every financial institution cannot be over-emphasized. Far too many an entrepreneur has come to sudden grief, lulled by the confidence that they enjoyed a casual and supportive credit arrangement, only to be unexpectedly facing altered disciplines under new regimes. SME borrowers may resent the unpredictability of their banking relationships; however, as long as they are dealing with a large regulated institution, unpredictability and altered roadmaps are likely to influence any long-term relationship with their lenders.

Commercial Knowledge

With over 100 years of combined working experience in commercial lending, our team has the knowhow and experience to secure suitable financial solutions for our clients. We understand the many hurdles facing the entrepreneur trying to run their business while facing financial growing pains. We also understand the lenders and their particular constraints.  In this way, we differentiate ourselves by not trying to drive the proverbial square peg through the round hole. Too often than not, the borrowing lending relationship is disconnected by poor communication and/or a lack of understanding of the decision determinants.  Lenders may make promises to borrower that they can’t deliver on.  Borrowers may make financial requests that could be entertained by one institution; but could be dismissed out of hand by another.  Brokers may make promises to lenders and or borrowers based on incomplete analysis and information. At Chartered we seek to secure “work-throughs” and “workarounds” that bridge traditional disconnects in the lending-borrowing relationship.

Our Values

Chartered Finance adheres to some core principles:


“We believe in a transparent and collaborative business environment.  We believe in sharing our know-how to our clients’ betterment.”


Our clients’ interests are not advanced by illusionary promises on fancied outcomes. Rather, we focus on what is deliverable. If that means modifying expectations to achieve a workable financial solution we believe a lot of the SME borrower’s scarce time and resources can be spared.  At the same time, where we envisage a positive outcome, we will work diligently at breaking down any initial barriers between borrower and lender so that both parties’ end up on the same page.


We believe in building long-term relationships and positioning our clients ahead of compensation. The transparency in our work and our unbiased financing advice represents the best support we can provide our borrowers in expeditiously achieving their financial goals.

Financing Solutions Provided:

Interim Construction and Take-out Financing for a number of projects.

Term Financing for a First Nation Community to Replenish Working Capital.

Consolidation and Take-out of Private Mortgages for Youth Camp Resort.

Consolidated Mortgage Financing on Multiple Residential Rental Housing Units.

Bridge Financing for Mortgage Take-out to Bridge Working Capital shortfall arising from Losses.

Documentary Letter of Credit to Secure Offshore Equipment Sale.

Mortgage Take-out on Operating Loans.

Umbrella Mortgage on Multiple Residential Condo Units.

Mortgage Financing for Acquisition of Commercial Condominium Units.

Various Commercial Mortgage Take-out’s of Expired Privates and/or VTB’s.

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